Le Cameroun

vu par Jean Marc Henry

Sport is Peace c'est Le courage, la tolérance, l’espoir, l’avenir, la paix, la solidarité… autant de mots, de valeurs, qui résonnent plus que jamais dans nos têtes et dans nos cœurs. Nous sommes la pour donner cette chaleur grâce au sport.

Jean Marc Henry
Chargé de mission Institutions & Diplomatie

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Our Mission

To promote the peace in the world across the sport, to eradicate the violence, whatever kind that is, supporting and promoting the development of the fair-play and the respect in all sports, individual or collective, in order to assemble peoples, cultures and religions.

To perform and / or to take part in projects and sports events in relation with its activity.

To cooperate with other organizations, including those foreigners, for the promotion of the sport, the peace, a harmonious development of men, the promotion of a healthy way of life and the strengthening of amicable relations among people.

To take part in the implementation of programs intended to support health, supporting programs of rehabilitation, as well as to promote the participation of persons with disability with the purpose of which they could do one or more sports activities.

To organize and to contribute to the organization, inside the limits of its possibilities, sports competitions, contests, and cultural initiatives, including initiatives in favor of persons with disability and families which take part regularly in sports activities, with the purpose of promoting the sport as a way to establish a culture of peace and health improvement.

To collect any equipment and sports material with the aim to reallocate them in places where there is need.

To contribute to the accomplishment of programs of charity and education that has health improvement as a goal, as well as to sociocultural programs in order to enrich the social life and to establish a philosophy of peace.

To cooperate with governmental, public and local structures and other organizations with non-lucrative purposes, in favor of a development for the culture of the sport and the peace.

Jean Marc Henry

Institutional Affairs & Diplomacy

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